FALL of 2022.

This page serves to aggregate many sources of relevant weather data and information found on line and is in constant development. We hope that the information here serves the outdoor sports community in helping make better decisions about their outdoor activities.

Although this page is geo-specific to Red and Granite Mountains near Rossland, BC, many of the tools apply to much of the Pacific North West.

For more information about weather in general, see weather and meteorology. And, for discussions about the bigger issue for our planet, see climate.

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Ullr's Stormcast

December 8th @ 8:00 AM

The “Omega Block” has gone away and Pacific storms will begin to penetrate into the Interior of British Columbia. We have some systems arriving over the next few days, the storm arriving today and lasting into Sunday may deliver 50+ cms. In fact, according to SPOTWX, we may see up to almost 70 cms, see their prediction HERE. Just in time for opening day at Red Mountain Resort!

Unfortunately, looking beyond this storm event, things look pretty dry for awhile. Commence snow dances and offerings to Ullr!

As always, before you go, review your regional avalanche forecast:

Avalanche Canada’s –  Mountain Weather Forecast

North West Avalanche Center’s – Mountain Weather Forecast

Current Conditions

North America - Surface Temperatures
Today's Jet Stream
North Pacific Surface Analysis

For a guide to weather map symbols, see here.

Canadian Surface Analysis
Doppler Radar - Spokane, Washington
Water Vapor Animation

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Advanced Forecasts

Zoom to area of interest, play with the weather overlay controls on upper right, go to the Windy TY web site for 12 day forecast options!

Eastern Pacific - Enhanced Infared - 24 Hour Animation
Pacific North-West - Enhanced Infared - 3 Hour Animation


Paulson Summit to Kootenay Pass –  High Elevation Text Forecast courtesy of Environment Canada.

Precipitation Forecast Video courtesy of The Weather Network

Weather imagery and data courtesy of AccuWeather, UNISYS, University of Washington – Atmospheric Sciences, The Weather Network, Canadian Avalanche Association and Intellicast.com

Special thanks to the Canadian Avalanche Association for their Kootenay Boundary Weather Forecast

Special thanks to Red Mountain Resort for their Web Cam feeds.

Special thanks to Whitewater Ski Resort for their Web Cam feeds.

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