Weather Spotting from Home

This arrived in my email today from Kathy from Salt Lake City in Utah! Her suggested link, “Become a Storm Spotter from Home”, has a very good list of weather resource links. Check it out!

Hi Peter,

I just wanted to reach out with quick a note to say hi and also to say thanks. I’m helping out at a STEM Juniors camp with a bunch of middle-schoolers and we’re studying meteorology right now. We built our own “weather station” using things like paper cups & pencils to make an anemometer and a weather vane. One mentee in particular has been super involved since they’re a self-proclaimed “weather geek”, superstar seventh grader Noah! Because he’s so serious we’re doing some extra research which is how we found the Kootenay station here,’s been tough finding non-spammy sites that I feel comfortable letting him use on his own so thank you :o)

We’ve tried to find some info about forecasting and taking down observations so you gave us some great ideas to get the ball rolling. To return the favor we thought we could share some of his other favorites you might enjoy:

-This article about storm spotting that has a lot of info about making observations: hopefully you like it too. We thought it would be a good contribution to your page- would you consider adding it for me? I’d love to show him that it’s cool to like meteorology!
-We’ve also been doing a lot of research about CoCoRaHS and he’s really interested in submitting data himself

Hopefully you like these too. If you have any tips please feel free to share with us but only if it’s no trouble we don’t want to be a bother. Again we are grateful that we found you it’s really cool to make this connection! Take care we’ll keep you posted




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